I spent my childhood in New York City when the Dodgers and Yankees were arch rivals and "egg creams" were the popular soda-fountain drink. My dad was a musician on weekends and worked in the record business (remember 45s and LPs?)  during the week to support us, and Mom stayed at home to be an unending source of inspiration for me, teaching me to care about others not as fortunate and encouraging me to follow my dreams.

We're a small immediate family: my husband, Ed, a physicist and cancer researcher, my mom, Sherry, who's my hero and at 91 has been living with Alzheimer's nearby, and my son, Cody, his wife, Randi, and my two grandsons, Isaac and Ronen in California.

My career unfolded in three "chapters." Many years in publishing were extremely gratifying, culminating in being editor of a business & marketing magazine for executives in the pharmaceutical industry. (To offer you a bit of trivia,  I also worked at the same NYC publishing company where both Stan Lee created Marvel Comics and Mario Puzo started writing The Godfather.)

I then spent about a dozen years as Project Director in the field known as Continuing Medical Education, developing educational programs for health care providers (mostly doctors, nurses, and pharmacists). My focus was cardiology, and I worked with many world-class cardiologists and emergency physicians on programs to educate other doctors about heart attacks.

The third chapter was as a Nashua Ward 2 state representative for six years. It was an honor to serve, and I would be honored to serve again. 

Prior Legislative Activity ​(highlights)


Standing Committee Assignments

Vice Chair, Science, Technology & Energy Committee, 2007-2010

Member, Municipal & County Gov't, Election Law, Executive Depts & Administration

Chair, Statewide Interagency Commission on Human Trafficking
The commission's task was to study human trafficking, learn about incidences in NH, make a final report of our findings to the General Court (NH House and Senate), and craft a bill addressing the problem if we determined it was needed.  

Prime Sponsor, bill on human trafficking
As a result of the Commission's work, I sponsored the the bill that made human labor and sex trafficking a felony in NH. It had overwhelming support and was signed into law.

Prime Sponsor, Renewable Energy Act

Also known as the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), this law mandates that companies selling electricity in NH generate that power from an increasing amount of renewable sources over time.

Sponsor of bills on methamphetamine
When methamphetamine abuse was sweeping the country, it became urgent that NH take steps to put strong penalties in place for the manufacture and selling of this highly addictive drug. I was part of a caucus that studied the topic and then I sponsored the bill that added extra penalties for involving a minor or incapacitated adult in these activities. It became law.

Protecting the Vote

I sponsored the law that requires NH election recounts to be conducted by hand, without the use of any electronic devices. 

Member, Governor's Task Force on Climate Change

Serving State, County & City

  • Member, Attorney General's Commission to Combat Human Trafficking
  • Board Member, NH Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
  • Member & past chair, Hillsborough County Cooperative Extension Advisory Council
  • Past Member, Nashua's Green Team, Ethnic Awareness Committee & Conservation Commission
  • Chair, 2006 & 2008 Nashua Energy Fairs
  • Tutored in ESL & reading at Nashua's Adult Learning Center

for State Rep